To me, weddings have always symbolized a captivating culmination of unrivaled excellence. 

I take immense pride in contributing to this realm by crafting the most extraordinary floral creations.

I’m Youki,
Creative Director at Sugar Bee Flowers

Hey there

We take pride in curating exquisite florals that not only enhance the aesthetics of your special day but also create lasting memories filled with beauty and elegance.

We believe in infusing every aspect of our service with care, love, and unwavering attention to detail.

At Sugar Bee Flowers, our commitment extends far beyond providing luxury florals

From aiding clients to procuring blooms and managing wedding arrangements, Youki is here to help bring your dreams to life!

Creative Director


Meet the Team

Extremely intelligent, quick  and efficient, our pocket rocket,  master of logistics & the tablescape queen.

Head Florist


Soft and considerate, but dynamic in floristry - she makes all the hanging installations and most of the ceremony backdrops!



Our caring maternal figure who makes sure everything is in order for the weddings, and the florist team is drinking water

Admin Powerhouse


Our mission is to curate unforgettable floral experiences that blend nature's elegance with bespoke design, turning special moments into timeless memories. Our committed team is readily available for updates and inquiries throughout the entire process, maintaining open lines of communication.

We transform venues into stunning spaces with striking floral arrangements

 Our Philosophy